by Shari Bonham, Senior Warden

In late September Grace received a letter from Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Warson Woods inviting us to enter into discernment towards a possible merger between our two parishes. In October the Vestry approved moving into a period of prayful discernment. A Discernment Team has now been formed and is charged with prayerfully deciding whether or not the mission and spiritual gifts of the two parishes should be blended into a single parish. No time limit has been put on this process.

Grace member Susan Lauber has graciously accepted the responsibility of being the convenor/facilitator of this committee. Nine other parishioners have agreed to be part of the committee: Dick Corbet, Becky Entenmann, Richard Eschenroeder, Jon Hensley, Ron Jones, Debby Pidgeon, Ruth Moore, Vince Nicosia and Sue Nixon. I am personally impressed with the insight, sound judgment and diversity within this group.

The Vestry has engaged the services of the Rev. Daniel Pearson to serve as consultant to the committee.

If the committee determines God has called us into this merger, a second team will then be formed to prayerfully determine how we can best work together to use the gifts of both parishes to unite in building the Body of Christ.

Please keep the Discernment Team in your prayers as they begin the process of discerning if God is calling us to a joint mission and ministry with St. Matthew’s.

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