by the Rev. Rebecca Dinovo

rc=”” alt=”” width=”250″ height=”188″ /> May 19, 2012: Bishop Smith confirms Grace members at Christ Church Cathedral

Our 2012-2013 Youth Confirmation Class is now forming! Please come to the Parent/Student Informational Confirmation Meeting: Sunday, September 23 at 4:30 p.m. to learn more about this year’s program. Youth in grades 8 or above are welcome and encouraged to join as they explore the roots of our Christian faith, our Baptismal Vows, the Bible, and Anglican worship, history, and theology. Classes will be held on Sunday evenings once a month from September through May from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will include dinner. All confirmands will be required to participate in regular worship, a service project, and a final retreat. Email Mo. Rebecca for more information.

Youth Confirmation 2012-2013 Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 23: Introduction and Parent Orientation 4:30pm-5:00pm/Dinner & Class 5:00 – 7:30pm
Sunday, Sept. 30: Presentation and Prayers for Confirmation Candidates at 10am Worship Service
Sunday, October 14: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm
Sunday, November 4: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm -Evensong at 5pm
Sunday, December 9: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm
Sunday, Jan 20: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm
Sunday, Feb 3: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm-Evensong at 5pm
Sunday, March 10: Confirmands serve Trinity Hot Lunch (9:00am-Cooking and 12:30pm-Serving)
March 24-31: Holy Week 2013: Confirmands to attend at least 2 Holy Week Services
Sunday, April 14: Class and Worship with Dinner: 5:00-7:30pm. Final Exam
Saturday, April 21: Confirmation Retreat in Wildwood: 9:00am-3:00pm
Saturday, April 27: Confirmation at the Cathedral- 10am
Sunday, April 28: Presentation of Confirmands at the 10am Worship Service with Reception Following

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