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uploads/2012/09/Stewardship-2012-small-150×150.png” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ />Everyone deserves a say in the future direction of Grace Church. Everyone should be able to identify those programs and ministries to which they feel passionately attached. On September 16, 23 and 30 you responded to our “visioning” exercise to tell us about your celebrations, your pains and concerns, and your dreams for the church on an anonymous basis.

How your responses will guide us

Now that we’ve received your responses, the Stewardship Committee will list all your comments and consolidate them into a vision statement. If the responses at Grace Episcopal Church follow the trend of other churches which have utilized this exercise, we should see a clear set of 6 to 8 priorities which are supported by 75-80% of the parish. This information will become the basis for Grace’s vision over the next 3-5 years. It will create a framework for determining where our resources, attention, time and energy should be focused. These results will be shared with the Vestry.

The next step

In the next step, we will ask the parish to review all Grace Church ministries and activities and identify two to three for which you feel a “passion.” Your input will be used as the source for identifying leaders and participants within the various ministries. Some existing ministries may go away due to lack of support.

Our Vision—driven by our members

This exercise provides the church with a dynamic approach toward our future. We identify and establish our priorities based on your input. Our priorities reflect the current passions of the parish. As a result, we believe the parish will enthusiastically support our vision and mission with their gifts of time, talent and treasure.

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