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g-1.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ />The extreme heat and dry conditions make gardening of any kind a real challenge this summer. But Grace member Peggy Capriglione is working behind the scenes to keep Grace’s garden beds in good shape. “We have an obligation to ourselves and the community to keep it looking nice,” Peggy said.

Peggy and her family have been members at Grace for eight years. About three years ago, she began noticing the church gardens were in disrepair. “It was embarrassing,” Peggy remembered. “There were lots of weeds. It needed some TLC.”

So Peggy and other members began working. Many of the of the plants you see today were donated by generous parishioners. They planted mostly perennials and low-maintenance plants like hostas, hydrangeas, ferns and several bulbs that come to life each spring. “The trick is to do it in a way that makes it simple to take care of,” Peggy explained.

Peggy comes by about once each week, for a total of four or five hours each month. She waters, weeds and redistributes the plants as they grow. “It’s not a lot of time,” said Peggy. “I’m not teaching Sunday school in the summer and I like being outside.”

Along with caring for Grace’s gardens, Peggy also spends a great deal of time caring for the children of our parish. She has taught Sunday school for six or seven years (she doesn’t remember exactly how long). She also works full-time as a nurse practitioner in cardiology at Barnes Jewish Hospital. Peggy and her husband Dennis have two children, 13-year old Matt and 11-year old Sarah.

The tender loving care Peggy gives to Grace’s plants and flowers keeps our church grounds looking beautiful and inviting to newcomers and the community. And that’s exactly why you’ll find Peggy donating her time and nurturing skills.

Thanks to Peggy and all the members who often go unnoticed as they quietly share their time and talent with us at Grace Church.

To view a short slide show of Grace’s gardens this summer, click on the arrow in the middle of the picture below.

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One Response to TLC makes Grace’s gardens grow

  1. Ellen Baker says:

    Thanks so much, Peggy. Many of those flowers are from my mother’s garden. I’m so grateful they live at Grace and that you take care of them with love!

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