You’re invited to journey back to the early days of Christianity with a special presentation from Grace’s church school students on Sunday, May 20 following both worship services.

4th and 5th grade students, otherwise known as Club 45, will show off the results of their year-long Road to Rome project. Check out their model city of Caesarea on display in Albright Parish Hall and chat with the kids about their learning experience.

This creative and fun curriculum offered the kids a chance to learn about life in the early church and to get to know some of the people — like Paul and his companions — who helped spread Christianity.

The weekly stories and activities encouraged the students to experience the danger and wonder of Christian life in the days when the church was in its infancy. The lessons allowed the kids to reflect on our own culture’s experience with slavery and the ways we experience difficult ethical decisions in our daily lives. The program also invited the students to think about how Christianity is spread today and how they can be Christ-bearers in their own lives.

Thanks to church school teachers Joan & Nick Van Rees, Vicky Striker and Kelly Woodruff for leading the kids on this fabulous journey throughout the year!

To view a slide show of Club 45 working on their Road to Rome project (Dec. 18 class), click on the arrow in the middle of the picture below.




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