by the Rev. Rebecca Dinovo

Have you ever wondered why do we do “that” (or that “other thing”) in worship? Come and get your questions answered at the 8 a.m. and/or 10 a.m. worship services on Sunday, April 15. We will have a real-time worship teaching and commentary to shed light on the various elements of the service, commonly called an “Instructed Eucharist.”  We will pause at various points in the service to talk about what we are doing and why in worship, with special attention to the Eucharist itself.

At the 10 a.m. service we will also have time to recognize the graduates of our Children’s Communion Class. Join us for this special Sunday!


One Response to Learn while you worship

  1. Susan Leach says:

    We have never met; I literally left as you arrived. Now I am back in California which I left in 1993 to go to St. Louis, and am blessed with the electronic news of and connection with my home at Grace. I love the ways that you and Todd have enhanced worship at Grace, and right now am wishing some miracle would transport me to Kirkwood on Sunday for the Instructed Eucharist.
    Blessings all around,

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