The Lord is Risen!

Grace Episcopal Church celebrated the resurrection of our Lord with the Great Vigil of Easter at sunset on Saturday, April 8 and with Easter Day worship services on Sunday, April 8.

Slide shows of both events are below. Click the arrow in the middle of the pictures to view. You can also view the pictures at Thanks to Dick Corbet and Michele Nicosia for the great photography!

If you have pictures from Easter (or any event) you’d like to share, please send them to Communications Coordinator Janis Greenbaum.


Easter Vigil: Saturday, April 7


Easter Day: Sunday, April 8



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  1. Susan Leach says:

    The Messenger is wonderful; I read it and imagine myself back at Grace for a visit which is a great gift to me. I love reading about (and seeing pictures of) what you are doing, and the Easter Vigil pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of this. You are in my prayers every day.

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