by the Rev. Rebecca Dinovo

Thanks to the skill and craftsmanship of Grace members David Jayne and Bill Harrison, Grace has a new, lovely, wooden processional cross for use in Lent and Holy Week.

During this holy season, you will notice that the cross has the addition of a hand-carved wooden corpus, special-ordered from Europe, placed upon it.

The use of a crucifix (with Jesus on the cross) is appropriate for use in Lent and Holy Week, as we are called in this holy season to meditate on God’s love shown to us most vividly in Christ on the cross.

At the celebration of Easter, we will return to the empty “resurrection” processional cross made of brass that we traditionally have used at Grace, and which has been undergoing some repairs during Lent.

The use of a crucifix is common in the wider Anglican and Episcopal tradition, though it is new to Grace. Having two types of crosses offers balance… not only is the cross empty because of the glorious resurrection, but it is also the place where Christ died in the ultimate gift God gave us in mercy and grace.

We hope everyone will have the chance to see and appreciate the beauty of our new processional cross during Holy Week and we thank Bill and David for their hard work and offering to the Grace community!



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  1. Chrissie Rush says:

    I think it is very beautiful.

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