Grace Episcopal Church held its 153rd Annual Meeting on Sunday, Jan. 22.

The Rev. Todd McDowell called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. The business of the meeting included electing four new members to Grace’s vestry: Kurt Feigley, Pam Fitzgerald, Melissa Hensley and Philip Morrow. Roy Pennington was elected to serve as a Convention Delegate Alternate.

The congregation also voted to amend our bylaws to allow vestry members to serve two concurrent 3-year terms.

The following reports were presented at the meeting:

  • Rector’s report, The Rev. Todd McDowell
  • Senior Warden’s report, Dick Entenmann
  • Junior Warden’s report, Julie Grossman
  • Legacy Fund report, Larry Reimelt
  • Financial report, Mike Heyer and Steve Henson

For more news from the Annual Meeting, please click on the following links:

Read the complete collection of program reports, including the Rector’s Annual Address and Homily.

Read the complete collection of financial reports.

Read about Grace member Brenda Malottke’s challenge to increase giving in 2012.


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