Attracting new members by becoming a more welcoming church was the focus of The Magnetic Church Conference, held Nov. 11 and 12 at Grace Episcopal Church. Nearly 70 people from throughout the Diocese of Missouri (one person came all the way from South Carolina) attended the two-day event, which was led by author and speaker Andrew Weeks.

Andrew's vision is to help churches learn how to actively invite non-churched people into our community with the hope they will discover their faith and become active church members. He describes his goal as becoming more AWARE:

  • Attract newcomers, so you can
  • Welcome them in the name of God,
  • Affirm them as children of God
  • Respond to their spiritual needs and
  • Engage them to become disciples.

By sharing personal experiences and stories from his travels around the world, Andrew motivated the crowd at Grace to engage in “radical evangelism.” He gave us practical advice on topics like marketing, greeting, communications and managing growth. His often humorous techniques engaged the crowd and showed us how practicing evangelism will not only bring in new members, it will renew our own spirituality and revitalize our church.

Andrew has presented his Magnetic Church Conference 307 times in his career to more than 45,000 people. His visit with us at Grace may be his final presentation — he has plans to retire to Florida in the near future.

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/”>Click here to read Andrew's thank you letter and follow-up to his time spent with us at Grace.

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Click here if you would like to learn more about The Magnetic Church Conference and Andrew Week's ministry… or ask anyone who attended to tell you about their experience!

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