by Dick Entenmann, Senior Warden

Workers remove old flooring before laying new carpet in the hallway.

As we approach the end of the first year of our Capital Campaign, we have received commitments totaling over $1.1 million and have received close to $526,000. That is excellent, and we thank you.

As you recall, resources were needed for various facility improvement projects and to pay off our diocesan Kelton White Fund loan. I am pleased to report that most of the planned facility improvement projects have been completed.

The largest project of upgrading our Heating/Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems is 90% complete (we are in the air balancing and controls phase), and we appreciate your patience as this project moved forward. I am sure you will feel the difference as this project closes, and I know our utility bills will reflect what we have done!

The replacement of all of our original windows with energy efficient ones is complete. The carpeting of our upstairs offices and hallway is complete. The painting of our Albright Parish Hall is complete. The planned replacement of our exterior doors with their new security systems is complete. We have replaced the furniture in the Narthex to be more welcoming. These projects would not have been possible without your support.

It is anticipated that future dollars received can be earmarked for loan repayment to free up cash being used for interest and principle expenses.

We still have work to do, so please stay current with your commitment as you are able and when possible pull it ahead.

Thank you for your stewardship as demonstrated through your financial commitment to Grace. The Spirit surely moves within us!


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