If you stop by Grace Church on any given day, you're likely to run into a painter, a carpet layer, an electrician or a computer technician. The facility has been buzzing for the past several months as we work to transform Grace into a safer, more efficient and more beautiful church.

The improvements you see today are all a result of our capital campaign, which began in 2010. “Renew and Reclaim” is a project to make Grace a more modern and welcoming church, while being faithful stewards of our resources. The financial goal of the campaign was to raise $1 million in pledges. By Christmas of 2010, we had reached that goal, and have since gone beyond.

“I'm gratified by the response,” said Senior Warden Dick Entenmann. “Economic times have been really tough. But folks are on-board with the direction we're taking for growth.”

That money is being spent in many visible ways, including new furniture in the Narthex, new carpet in the church office area, new paint in Albright Hall, and new energy-efficient doors and windows. A keyless entry system is being installed and plans are underway for renovations in the sanctuary.

The largest of the projects was replacing our 50-year old HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system with a new, more efficient system. Although you can't literally see the improvement, you'll feel it throughout the facility as the computerized system regulates our heating and cooling. The new system is expected to save us 25-40% on our energy bills — that could be as much as $61,000 a year.

Additional savings of approximately $20,000 each year comes from retiring an outstanding debt to the Diocese (a loan to build an addition in 2000).

Dick Entenmann says the money we're saving will be used for our church ministry work. “It's all a part of our stewardship and looking outward — how do we effect people's lives outside our own walls?”

Dick is also part

of our BRIDGE team. BRIDGE stands for:

  • Build a communication strategy
  • Report  financial status to the church
  • Involve new households
  • Discover and celebrate ministry opportunities
  • Grow a stewardship culture
  • Express gratitude to donor

The team is part of Grace's year-round stewardship effort and provides feedback on the status of projects and ministries connected to the capital campaign. Dick says our current annual giving campaign is helping to discern where and how we use the savings from all the improvements. “How are we as a parish going to effect people outside these walls in the future?”

(You can provide your input through our stewardship survey. Click here to take the 5-question survey.)

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