Children visiting Grace’s nursery will soon get a glimpse inside Noah’s Ark — thanks to the artistic talents of Kerri Dryden.

Plans are underway to relocate the nursery from the lower level of our church to a room on the main floor, just down the hall from the sanctuary. That space used to be an office used by Financial Administrator Fernando Alfonso. But Fernando has moved downstairs and Kerri is using her paintbrushes to transform the office into a scene inside Noah’s Ark.

“It’s for the church,” said Kerri. “They need a nice nursery!”

Kerri sketched out an ark design for the triangular room and is using animal suggestions from our church school children to populate her ark. Polar bears, meerkats, giraffes and mice are just some of the animals coming two-by-two to the walls of the new nursery.

The mural will take several weeks to complete — Kerri is donating her time and talent to paint this mural in between running her own address sign business (Scape Signs), coaching soccer five nights a week and writing a book. But Kerri’s obvious passion for art and children keeps her smiling. “It’s all worthwhile if a young family comes and wants to leave their child here,” Kerri explained. “This is a really nice place with really nice people.”

Kerri grew up in Seattle, Washington and was an art major at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She also played soccer for the University and went on to be a part of Team USA women’s soccer for two years. After that, she worked in the corporate world in Chicago, managing sales, marketing and graphic design teams. She met her husband, Greg, while on a business trip to St. Louis. The couple now has two children, 6-year old Zoe and 9-year old Drew. They have been members at Grace for five years.


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